Transformative basic science breakthroughs begin with PBBR

We dare our scientists to dig deeper, ask tougher questions, and invent novel approaches that defy the status quo. See how ❯

PBBR has given us the unprecedented ability to push micro and nanotechnology into the therapeutic arena to solve major challenges in drug delivery.
Tejal Desai, PhD
This funding is among the most important aspects of keeping UCSF a place of scientific innovation.
Kaveh Ashrafi, PhD
This award has enabled a period of great creative license that I feel will be foundational for the rest of my scientific career.
Michael Oldham, PhD
PBBR funding allows researchers to follow the steepest creativity trail which is essential for keeping science moving forward in large leaps.
Hana El-Samad, PhD

Daring Ideas

We finance bold projects that challenge conventional wisdom and do not fit within the narrow constraints set by traditional grant makers.

Rapid Funding 

We make funding decisions within 30 days of receiving an application – a dramatic shift from the typical grant timeline.

Revolutionary Results 

We are home to an unprecedented number of basic science breakthroughs with transformative impacts on human health.

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