We need visionary funders to support our visionary thinkers. 

Visionary thinking is difficult to fund. That’s why we need you. In their early stages, radical ideas that challenge the status quo are often dismissed as unproven, impractical, or impossible – but giving atypical ideas a chance to flourish is the path to breakthroughs. History shows some of the most counterintuitive ideas have had the biggest overall impact on science and medicine, transforming disciplines and creating entirely new fields of study.

We don’t let fear of failure keep us from discovery with the potential to change the world. That’s why we offer a unique array of awards to meet the broad aspirations of our intrepid donors and the expansive needs of UCSF’s visionary thinkers. 

Every current-use gift to PBBR will be matched by the Sandler Foundation. 

Please consider supporting one of the following priority funding areas:

New Frontiers Research Awards

These awards sponsor research projects at levels of risk and innovation that substantially exceed those supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Technologies, Methodologies, and Core Awards

These awards emphasize invention and development of new, shared resources for the scientific community at UCSF and beyond.

Sandler Fellows Program

This novel program provides funding for a small cohort of MDs or PhDs for whom a period of independence – free from the limitations of postdoc traineeship and the demands of assistant professorship – could give voice to their extraordinary creativity.

Postdoctoral Independent Research Program

Many of the next generation’s scientific leaders are part of UCSF’s postdoc community, which is why we support independent-minded young researchers with the desire to explore an innovative project outside the constraints of their home laboratory. 

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To make a gift to PBBR, please contact:
Brandon (Bo) O’Hare
(415) 476-3947